Multi Vehicle Accidents

Multi Vehicle Accidents

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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi vehicle accidents is often termed as multi-vehicle pile ups, involving innumerous vehicles. This is quite common due to sheer rise in volume of traffic occurring generally at highways or freeways and especially during rush or peak hours. These type of accidents are quite tricky due to involvement of several parties in loop and from insurance parties claim perspective. Fire spark in one car can quickly spread to other cars causing injuries and explosion in worst cases. Risk injury is maximum is collision is with heavy car or truck rather in case it spins on other car. If three or more cars are involved or even motorcycle then fingers starts pointing from one party to another without actual thinking.

Mentioned some of the practical and frequent collision and case presentation scenarios we come across often

Multi Vehicle Accidents Possibilities

Straight Chain Reaction, wherein traffic stops due to signal or at a point and 3 or more vehicles are involved in chain reaction one after other. Cause of the accident is generally the rear auto.

Front Car at Fault, car suddenly stops due to no fuel, or brake failure of malfunctioning of any spare part or likelihood due to ill health or any other reason and then being hit by other car in motion.

Middle Car hitting Front Car First, middle car as being the middle man is claimed to strike front car first. In this case, insurance companies seek help of witnesses and their statements and study the practical situation present.

Phantom Or Imaginary vehicle, it happens that front car in chain reaction claims of being hit by altogether a different vehicle and then ran away. First it is confirmed that whether such vehicle exists based on enough evidences like the hit spot on car followed by judgment.

Handling the case and how an experienced car accident attorney can come to your rescue

It’s very difficult for a layman to work on personal settlement after facing injury. Auto accidents happeneveryday in Washington and victims are really baffled on what’s going and who will come to their rescue. Multiple vehicle accidents is often a baffling situational case wherein each party‚Äôs finger is pointing to other as culprit. Case becomes more complex when multiple attorneys and insurance companies are backing their clients. Multiple vehicle cases are solved through lawsuit process only unlike any other case with probability for internal discussion and solution. A skilled and experienced attorney can not only help for strategizing and investigation the case but also makes the entire legal procedure easier and thus no hassles or worries for victim. On the top of this, auto accident lawyer is also responsible for total know-how that includes:

  • Prove Liability with facts and figures
  • Thorough know-how of Settlement Options
  • Understand all the damages involved and fight for your right against all parties involved
  • Battling against lawsuit for Compensation You Deserve
  • Negotiate With the Insurance Company
  • Charge of contingency basis which implies no upfront fees until you win

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