Rollover Accident

Rollover Accident

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Rollover Accident

Rollover accidents occur when one vehicle turns on other vehicle’s side or roof completely. It’s extremely dangerous and frightening since whole vehicle flips on other one. Any vehicle can be involved here in but cars with high center of gravity such as sport utility vehicles are more prone to this specially near sharp road turns at high speed. Serious injuries are observed including spinal cord and brain trauma or hemorrhage. It isn’t necessary that driver’s negligence is cause of accident it might be due to faulty roadways, manufacturing defects in cars or sudden malfunctioning can also contribute to rollovers. Our experienced attorney’s team has been dealing with rollover accidents for over a decade and mentioned causes below that helps for investigation and information.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

For rollover accidents it’s quite difficult to predict that what or who caused the accident. It can be due to driver’s negligence or road conditions or even built in or sudden defect in your vehicle. Even if we start introspection there are several factors to consider for investigation for all the parties responsible and in picture. Though, common causes are listed for quick guidance:

  • Tripping caused when vehicle is suddenly interrupted pitching forward or sideway causing rollover. This may be due to bump, signal, driver’s negligence to see objects nearby or large rock.
  • Driver’s Negligence due to ill health or reckless attitude
  • Tire Failure due to excessive wear and tear or being pierced by sharp objects on road
  • High Center of Gravity – Minvans, SUV’s and large loaded trucks are more prone to rollovers either due to high speed or excessive load/weight
  • Roadway Hazards due to poor road maintenance or lack of warning signs near construction sites
  • Multi Vehicle Accidents wherein heavy vehicles plays the most dreadful part and serious injuries to small cars/motorcycles

What steps to take being a victim of rollover accident

If possible, try to gather the evidences on the spot wherein accident happened. Document the injuries you faced and try to exchange information with other driver in charge. Often, it’s baffling at that moment but it’s necessary to have some proof or facts for a strong case. Immediately.

Quite often, it’s not sure that who is actually at fault. Physical damages on car or some minor scratches can be overlooked due to lawsuit process and daily activities and even gathered information during accident. While this should be taken seriously and you should immediately contact auto accident attorney and insurer and document every minute detail before it is misplaced.

Damages are just not restricted till economic looses while non-economic damages are also considered. Medical bills, out of the pocket expenses, rehab bills and even lost wages with psychological trauma is aggregated in aptly churning out the total expenses. An experienced attorney can help you count every minute injury be it mental, physical or economical that was compromised due to dreadful situation.

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