Single Car Accidents

Single Car Accidents

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Single Car Accidents

The trickiest type of auto accident wherein there is just one party/single car involved in accident. There is no one to blame except yourself and pity your situation. Being a solo vehicle involved in collision forms a certain set of important questions. Are you a criminal yourself if you hit a pole or animal under influence of alcohol or drugs? Do you have insurance? Reckless driving is also responsible for such outcomes. At the end of discussion, the most important question that needs to be answered it “Am I at fault for this accident”? It’s really difficult to prove your point in this case since there is no opponent party whose negligence can be pointed.Quite a few times, auto driver although being injured is laible to pay for damages occurred in accident due to DUI driving etc. Beneath we have mentioned some of the general causes of car accident:

General causes of single auto accidents

DUI (Driving under the influence) – Drunk people hit the things most of the times due to unstable mental and physical conditions. If you are found and proved guilty under DUI then you would likely to pay for compensation for damage due to criminal charges levied on you. Your insurance company is liable to pay for you.

Vehicle Defects –Manufacturing defects, faulty brakes or any inbuilt defect comes under vehicle defect responsible for single car accident. In this case, vehicle manufacturer is liable to pay for all the damages including property damage and your personal injuries.

Road Maintenance or Poor Design – In this case you can sue city government in charge for road maintenance or poor design.

Bad weather conditions or unavoidable circumstances – Fog, no lights, heavy ice comes under extreme bad weather conditions and consult an auto accident lawyer for further assistance depending on prevalent circumstance

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So far, this is the trickiest sort of cases encountered with so many variable and factors in picture beyond control. In these types of cases, it is best to take an initial free consultation from veteran auto accident lawyer. At, auto accident lawyer we not only provide free consultation but also work on contingency basis – no fees until you win. For similar cases, it’s necessary to be in touch with experienced attorney’s since if you are found guilty in single car accident, your insurance company/you are liable to pay for compensation although the accident might be a sheer outcome of some emotional imbalance or drudgery or any personal or unavoidable circumstances. Whether you insurance company would pay for your damaged depends on how the case if pursued.

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